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    Telephone: 18609967477
    • Outstanding series

      1. Outstanding Outstanding series wall hanging furnace, fashion, elegant appearance of the liquid crystal display panel, more show wall hanging furnace noble and fashionable, convenient in operation, LCD digital display boiler information intuitive and clear.

      2. All the copper material production main heat exchanger + efficient heat transfer of the stainless steel plate heat exchanger, ensure heat more efficient, domestic hot water stability is better, boiler power range: twenty - 24 - - 32 kw to choose.

    • Surpass Seris

      1. Surpass surpass series hanging cooker has two basic functions, and provide for winter heating heat source and provide life sanitary hot water, boiler power range and - 24 - and kw available, efficient multiple tube type double function heat exchanger, the copper material production, design reasonable structure, high efficiency heat transfer.

    • Loulan series

      1, the whole structure of integration, high heat exchanger with double pipe casing technology (B type machine), in improving heat efficiency at the same time, eliminate the effects of scale.

    • Conica series

      1, Conica (conica) series wall hanging furnace beautiful appearance vogue, panel design is simple and convenient in operation, LCD digital display boiler work information, intuitive and clear.

    About Us
      Xinjiang a continent heating equipment co., LTD. (www.dlhsyj.com) was established in early 2007, it has become a collection of r &d, production, sales for the integration of wall hanging furnace professional company. More than ten thousand users in the use of a continent company products, is the region's largest wall hanging furnace is one of the retailers. In March 2011, "2010 China wall hanging furnace the first dealer strength competition" in the comparison of "national top ten outstanding agents" title...
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